A Musical Celebration honoring Jaco Pastorius Hosted by Robert Trujillo feat MAERIC w/ Mary Pastorius, David Pastorius & Eric Young, Kirk Hammett & Robert Trujillo of Metallica, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Stephen Perkins of Jane's Addiction, & L. Shankar

A Benefit for the California Film Institute

A Musical Celebration honoring Jaco Pastorius Hosted by Robert Trujillo feat MAERIC w/ Mary Pastorius, David Pastorius & Eric Young, Kirk Hammett & Robert Trujillo of Metallica, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Stephen Perkins of Jane's Addiction, & L. Shankar

Monday, October 6, 2014

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


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This event is 21 and over

A Musical Celebration honoring Jaco Pastorius Hosted by Robert Trujillo
A Musical Celebration honoring Jaco Pastorius Hosted by Robert Trujillo
The Mill Valley Film Festival and Steep Productions present:

A Musical Celebration honoring the pioneering jazz musician Jaco Pastorius and the "work-in-progress" screening of JACO: A Documentary Film

Hosted by Robert Trujillo - Music Director and JACO Producer


MAERIC with Mary Pastorius, David Pastorius & Eric Young

Kirk Hammett & Robert Trujillo of Metallica

Rodrigo y Gabriela

Stephen Perkins of Jane's Addiction

L. Shankar

And Special Guests

"JACO" tells the story of Jaco Pastorius, a self-taught, larger-than-life jazz musician who reinvented the electric bass by emulating the sound of the human voice in his 1976 debut album. Produced by Metallica's Robert Trujillo, and starring a diverse group of musicians (Flea, Joni Mitchell, Sting, Herbie Hancock, etc.) the cast itself is a testament to the depth of Jaco's influence. Sadly, within a decade of his brilliant debut, Jaco fell from grace as mysteriously as he achieved it. This film unveils the story of his music, his life, his demise, and ultimately the fragility of great artistic genius.

A benefit for the California Film Institute/MVFF
Associate Producer: Famous4
Robert Trujillo
Robert Trujillo
He's got rhythm, and he's most certainly got music. Now Robert Trujillo's also got the job of being Metallica's new bassist and family member...one that will doubtless fit this most righteous and cheerful of Southern Californians like a glove.

Although he sometimes does use a pick, Trujillo is best known as a baaaad motherplucker, a finger-playin' bass monster who's dexterity, tones and attitude have seen him grace the bass of Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves and Ozzy Osbourne's band since his first professional work with Suicidal in 1989. It all stems back to a childhood filled with variety and spice.

Growing up in Venice Beach "Dog Town", Trujillo heard everything, from Led Zeppelin to Motown with a chunk of funk in between. Joined with a young love of surfing, Trujillo developed a rhythm and a vibe that saw him play with a variety of local bands through his early 20s until he met Mike Muir of Suicidal Tendencies via his High School buddy, Suicidal guitarist Rocky George. the two got on infamously well, and thus began a rich and fruitful relationship which saw Rob establish himself as one of the most exciting bass talents in the rock world.

In the early '90s, he and Muir formed the experimental funk-rockers Infectious Grooves, and then in the mid-'90s Trujillo joined up with Ozzy Osbourne. Together with drummer Mike Bordin, Trujillo formed one of rock music's most soild and reliable rhythm units.

Rob's name first floated by the Metallicamp during Suicidal's supporting role on the Summer Shed tour of '94, when all the band noted his enthusiastic style and performances. Thus when it was time to consider who could step up and take the bass full-time in Metallica, Rob's name was an obvious choice.

By all accounts, Trujillo's audition dared the band NOT to give him the job, and even producer Bob Rock was heard saying how complete and unequivocally whole the band sounded with Rob playing.

And so it was that on Thursday, February 24th 2003, Robert Trujillo walked in to the HQ and saw Ulrich, Hammett and Hetfield immediately start applauding him. Again, Rob is the perfect fit, a calm, even-keeled man with experience and full bass props...and genuinely one of the nicest guys around. It all adds up to the 4th member, an equal part of the Metallica family and an exciting new stage in Metallihistory.
Kirk Hammett
Kirk Hammett
Kirk Hammett, never without a grin or a curious thought, is the true Bay Area band-member. Born in San Francisco, and raised in the East Bay town of El Sobrante, he gained an interest in music from his brother Rick's extensive record collection, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and UFO. It all led to him properly picking up the guitar when he was 15, his first being a wholly unglamorous Montgomery Ward catalog special accompanied by a shoe box with 4 inch speaker for an amp.

After picking up a 1978 Fender Stratocaster, Kirk experimented by mixing and matching guitar parts to find his perfect sound before falling for a 1974 Gibson Flying V. In a determined (and successful) effort to upgrade his equipment, Kirk even took a shift at Burger King to get the cash together for his first Marshall amp. Around that time, Kirk also co-founded Exodus with Paul Baloff, and the East Bay thrashers crossed paths with Metallica twice, in late '82 and early '83, as a support act.

In April 1983, Kirk received a phone call from Metallica in New York. They were in the process of firing guitarist Dave Mustaine and wanted Kirk to fly out and audition. Kirk got the money together for the flight, left California for the first time and arrived in the late afternoon to find three guys who were still waking up. Immediately he, and they, knew the fit was right despite the fact nobody ever formally invited him to join.

A keen student of his instrument even today, Hammett followed his first 'Kill 'Em All' tour by taking lessons from Joe Satriani, and embarked upon a passage of guitar self-education that took in jazz, blues and classical styles. Indeed, education has always been Kirk's answer to potential burnout. After the marathon 'Black' album tour ended in 1993, he immediately went to the City College of San Francisco where he took classes, something he credits as the reason behind his reinvention as a guitarist on the 'Load' and 'Re-load' albums.

Kirk continues to bring not only a dazzling array of lead guitar parts to Metallica's music but also some savage rifferey, having started sharing 6-string duties with James during the 'Load' era. He is happily married to Lani, and lives in San Francisco along with a large collection of old Hollywood movie memorabilia, his two dogs Darla and Hoku, plus cats.......Oh, and for the record, Kirk plays his guitar at least 361 days a year.
Rodrigo Y Gabriela
Rodrigo Y Gabriela
Internationally acclaimed Mexican acoustic rock guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela are back on the road again in 2014, bringing their unique instrumental blend of metal, jazz and world music to audiences all over the US.

Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero have been playing together for more than fifteen years. First as young thrash metal fans in their native Mexico City, then as innocents abroad and street musicians in Dublin, Ireland at the turn of the millennium, and finally as the globe-straddling, film-scoring, record-breaking artists they are today.

Known for exhilarating live shows, Rodrigo y Gabriela have won the hearts of music lovers from the haciendas of Cuba to the Hollywood Bowl and festival fields of Europe, as they continue to weave their unique six-string magic. The extraordinary interplay between Sanchez's fiery lead lines and Quintero's phenomenal rhythmic battery is truly universal.

The duo has reloaded their arsenal following the April 2014 worldwide release of "9 Dead Alive", their first studio album in five years. The new songs are intimate, the playing intuitive, and the results are spectacular, bursting with melodic energy and rhythmic invention.

Recorded at their Pacific Coast hideaway in late summer, the album captures the warmth and spontaneity of two great musicians riffing and jamming together, perfectly distilled into 9 new songs teeming with desire, elegance and gusto.

With career sales in excess of 1.5 million albums, blockbuster movie scores, and sold out tours worldwide, Rodrigo y Gabriela have certainly made their mark. Their appeal is boundless, their scope limitless, and the music timeless; clearly, we have only begun to see what this duo is capable of.
The Social Experiment
The Social Experiment
The Social Experiment, a band comprised of musical contemporaries Devin Collins, William Tatge, Felix Pastorius and Chris Ward was formed to play at the Zinc Bar for the NYC Winter Jazz Fest in 2012. Since then, from the Blue Note to the 55bar and between, they’ve had the privilege to hone their skills in the New York city music scene. Individually they each bring an assortment of styles and experience to the group. Chris Ward in his formative years studied with iconic players such as George Garzone and Frank Tiberi at the Berklee College of Music as well as Chris Potter and Wayne Krantz at NYU. Although he is formerly trained in jazz, he is majorly influenced by the likes of Bjork, Radiohead and Portishead. William Tatge brings his influences to the group from Italy where he obtained summa cum laude degrees from the Cherubini Conservatory in Florence in both classical piano and composition. Not just collaborating with musicians, he has also worked with visual artist Christine Meisner on the video work Disquieting Nature which premiered in Berlin and has been shown in many prestigious museums and galleries including the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Walther Collection in New York. Devin Collins attended the Berklee College of Music as well and has since been steadily making a name for himself playing with an ever-growing list of musicians. Meshell Ndegeocello, Lincoln Goines, Hadrien Feraud, Essiet Essiet, Michael League, Oscar Stagnaro, Evan Marien, Josh Hari, and Steve Jenkins are just a selection of the bass players on that list. Felix Pastorius is a self taught musician who began gigging professionally at the age of 15, fine tuning his craft over the next 17 years while playing alongside artists such as Robert Thomas Jr., Victor Wooten, Jeff Coffin, Cindy Blackman-Santana, and Bobby McFerrin. Aside from Social Experiment, Felix currently tours with Jeff Coffin’s The Mu’tet, and since 2012, The Yellowjackets.
Venue Information:
Sweetwater Music Hall
19 Corte Madera Ave.
Mill Valley, CA, 94941