BandWorks Marin Rock Festival
Tickets $5 at the door!

BandWorks Marin Rock Festival

All Ages
General Admission tickets $5 at the door (no fees, cash only please).

OUR STORYBy BandWorks co-founders Jeremy Steinkoler and Steve Gibson

Ever since we were kids, we wanted to play music. For years we attended our lessons, practiced until the wee hours of the morning, and formed bands with our friends, all the while dreaming of rock stardom. But that was a long time ago….

One night in the summer of 1993, we were hanging out after a late rehearsal talking about teaching music. We had each been teaching private lessons for a number of years, and agreed that the biggest problem facing our students was that they didn’t have the opportunity to play with other musicians. We talked about wanting to create a venue where our students could play together – one where we could offer them the kind of practical, hands-on musical advice that we wished we had gotten as younger players, but had to learn the hard way over years of working as professional musicians. What’s more, after a few weeks of practice, our students could even show off their skills at a live concert in front of family and friends.

From that inspired conversation, the idea for BandWorks was born. After a few months of planning, we set up shop in a small room at a women’s shelter in Berkeley, where we had to move furniture for 20 minutes every class just to make enough room to play – and load in all of the equipment and pack it up and take it home every class! We started with just six students, whose enthusiasm and rapid progress showed us right away that we were onto something really cool. The first BandWorks concert took place in a tiny room at Jackson St. Studios in Oakland, with a packed house of about 25 people. Our students and their families and friends loved the show. We could hardly wait to do it again….

Since then, BandWorks has grown into a substantial community of musicians and teachers all around the San Francisco Bay Area. Our summer camp program now includes classes in Audio Recording, Introduction to Rock Band Instruments, Rock Band, and the Music of… series, and is offered at additional locations during the summer months. We offer after-school programs at several different schools in the Bay Area, and plan to expand our programs to many more communities.

Venue Information:
Sweetwater Music Hall
19 Corte Madera Avenue
Mill Valley, CA, 94941