I bought tickets but now I can’t make it to the show. Can my friend pick up my tickets at Will Call?

If you have tickets purchased under your name, but need someone else to pick some or all of them up, there is no need to call or contact us. To transfer tickets you can do one of these two things:

  1.  provide the person picking up your tickets with a copy of your photo ID along with a note authorizing them to claim some or all of your tickets (a text with a photo of the ID attached is fine).  Please also give them your order confirmation number for backup.


  1.  go into your Ticketfly account and “transfer” one or more of your tickets to them via email.  Please note that you will need their email address and that this option requires the recipient to “accept” the transfer into their own Ticketfly account. Then their name will simply appear on the will call list in addition to or instead of yours.

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