GordonThe Cafe at Sweetwater is a small space with a big job: it is the entrance to the Sweetwater Music Hall, the first introduction, as well as an oasis of calm (relatively speaking), offering a break from the excitement of the energy therein.

Charmingly rustic, yet beautifully finished, it hints nicely at what is to come in the Hall itself. The mission of the Cafe is to serve beautifully made food and drink in a relaxed and convivial environment, with professionalism, warmth and cheer. Our servers rock just as much as our bands, so feel free to spend your entire day hanging out in our charming little Cafe.

The food is driven by the farmer’s market, with emphasis on all aspects of the F.L.O.S.S. philosophy: Fresh, Local, Organic, Seasonal and Sustainable. Sounds trite, but most certainly is not — it’s darn delicious! Beverages cover all the bases, with familiar names as well as some unexpected gems.  The full service espresso bar serves a variety of teas as well as premium coffee.


We look forward to seeing you




I was here recently working a Phil Lesh & Bob Weir concert. What a neat little venue! It’s fairly small, in a good way! It definitely gives the audience a very intimate feel. No matter where you are, you’re still close to the musicians! I got a complimentary plate of chicken sliders and was pleasantly surprised. I thought Applebees had forever put me off sliders. I’m used to them being dried up pieces of jerky between two 1×1 inch pieces of bread, cold. The Sweetwater makes a delicious, bite sized, sandwich. ALL of the staff are very funny and friendly as well. It was a real treat to get to come here and work for an evening. Thank Sweetwater! Get well soon Tommy O!
– Kendall N. San Francisco, CA


Awesome, awesome, awesome. Great food. Great bar. Great service. Great place to see live music and dance. Great locals!
– John M. Palo Alto, CA


This is a great addition to Mill Valley and a wonderful place to pop in for the best coffee in the world, or a great meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The ambiance is charming, both inside and out, and the staff are also very attentive, friendly and professional. Everything coming out of the kitchen has been perfectly prepared, and the prices are reasonable. We have been to a couple of music events, really good and a fun and festive atmosphere. The music hall is beautifully designed and comfortable. We spent many great hours at the original Sweetwater, knew Jeannie personally and saw some of the best talent there, John Lee Hooker, Clarence Clemons, Bonnie Raitt, Santana, Dan Hicks, and on and on…… This is not a reincarnation of the original, but it is a great venue, fabulous restaurant, lovely staff, and a bit of a nostalgia trip.
– Chris S. Mill Valley, CA


Great coffee and service. Well done on the breakfast menu. Lunch is good, though for me the portions are a bit small — a trend these days in MV. Well done.
– Scott P. Mill Valley, CA